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Carpet is a grand way to embellish because of the textures, colours and patterns existing. It looks first-class and also provides a multiplicity of benefits. Carpet absorbs sound, making a house quieter and more calming and is safer, reducing the incidence of slips and falls and the harshness of associated injuries from these accidents. In a homely manner, interim care of carpet is gained simply by vacuuming. Depending on the number of persons and pets and aside from punctual attention to spills, usually carpet asks for professional cleanings. Cheap carpet cleaners use low-priced products that are encumbered with ocular brighteners that have the quality to create a delusion of clean that causes the soil or spot to emerge to be removed. But the spot still remains there.

Atlantic Carpet Cleaning Services provides high-quality carpet, area rug, upholstery cleaning services, focusing on care and consideration to detail, that restores the carpet to its innovative beauty while getting rid of any stains, spots, pet messes or any other predicament areas. It’s significant to episodically have carpets cleaned for many reasons. Not only does it help keep them looking enormous, but it also helps eradicate all the dirt and allergens that be likely to amass overtime.


To some degree, it can happen when people gets lured with low prices and call cheap carpet cleaners who use cheap chemicals, substandard equipment, untutored workers and charge low. So ultimately there can be a lot of cheap, sticky chemicals left in the carpet since they were not appropriately rinsed out. Sure, it looks satisfactory when he leaves, but the carpets will re-soil rapidly, often over the course of a few days or weeks. Thus, it is essential to call our certified technicians who begin with a systematic examination of carpets. They walk through and examine all of carpets to make out problem areas such as stains, damages and heavy traffic soiling and remove them instantly.


There is nothing shoddier than spilling something on best chair, or on your favorite couch. Sofas and other upholstered furniture accept a lot of notice, particularly in homes with kids and pets. Dirt and stains are foreseeable in every home, but they don’t have to be everlasting. Atlantic Carpet Cleaning  would be happy to come out and service those hard stains that have frightened you. All furniture requires upholding to last. Our exceedingly trained technicians are endorsed to get the job done. We know how imperative your furniture is to you. That’s why with our satisfaction guarantee, you will get the clean look that you want every time.


One of the most frequent cleaning problems for the area rugs are spills and these can be very hard-hitting to clean up after. One important thing we always keep in mind when dealing with rug spills is that clean it up as speedily as you can. That is why the next time you have a spill on your rug you should always take time to clean up the untidiness immediately. Professional help here goes a long way as if you want your rug to stay clean and in top situation, hiring a professional to do the job a few times a year can be very functional. Therefore, get in touch with us, Atlantic Carpet Cleaning, for area rug cleaning services.

Area rug cleaning

Dirty area rugs are well-known to be hotbeds for dust, dust, germs, allergens, pet dander, rotting food crumbs and bacteria. If one doesn’t get them cleaned routinely, your family can be uncovered to sombre health risks such as asthma and respiratory issues nurtured by the attendance of pet dander, dust or dirt. Therefore, get in touch with us, for area rug cleaning services. We provide the maximum quality of cleaning services using the best maintenance methods, technology, products and gear at the most affordable pricing with inclusive customer contentment.

Carpet cleaning necessitates maintenance

Carpets, upholstery and area rugs need to be regularly maintained by professionals. We make certain your rugs & carpet are vigilantly handled and cleaned by taught technicians. We will estimate your carpet to offer the safest, most effectual carpet cleaning.

Carpet cleaning you would love

We begin the procedure by inspecting to locate any stains, to get an approximation of any of the important repairs before cleaning the rug. We then aim to get rid of any probable soil, dust, sand or grit that is frequently found with area rugs which leads to our ultimate step in process of rinsing and that will softly lift all the water away from the area carpet. Ultimately our means leads to us to final inspection and deodorization to make certain we leave area rug smelling like unmarked and new.

We have held the principle that a hale and hearty home begins with a unsoiled carpet & upholstery which is why we have a cleaning solution for any promising issue if you spill wine on upholstery or if you are seeking to restore your carpet that is back to 100% approval. Unlike other service providers, we are an upholstery cleaning company that follows customer-focused loom. We strive for 100 percent customer happiness. Our team will deep clean all your upholstery furniture and even the stuffing beneath the fabric since padding marinate up all spillage on chairs and sofas, which marks in wet furnishings helping as breeding grounds for mildew and mold. Therefore, our Atlantic Carpet Cleaning Company provides you with painstaking cleaning services ensuring that furniture is hygienic from deep down.

When you become our client, you’ll be aware of that we care about our work in the centre of population and we always endeavour to earn your trust and your business. Please call if you’re in need of cleaning services. We believe in educating our staff on the most modern techniques in the industry and providing the highest worth service to our clients.

Fantastic experience. I called and left my number with Atlantic Carpet Cleaning, within minutes the owner called and gave me a quote to clean my two sofas.  I booked the cleaning and as promised the cleaners called 30 minutes before the arrived and arrived in the appointed time.  My couches were cleaned beautifully, like new and no smell. There was no mess, no clean up on my part.
I will use Professional Carpet and Upholstery again and highly recommend them.

I’ve been using this company for years now. I am very picky about my carpets and Atlantic carpet cleaning and his crew are able to satisfy my high standards. If there’s ever something you are unhappy with, they will make it right. Even after my move across town, I keep using them because I hate the idea of having to start over to find another great carpeting cleaning company

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